Requirements for Service

Authorization Form          ACH Authorization Form

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Mail check or money order to:
Lacreek Electric Association, Inc. 
PO Box 220
Martin, SD 57551

DropBox Locations:

  • On the front of Lacreek office building
  • Security 1st Bank in Martin, SD
  • OSHA Office in Pine Ridge, SD
  • Oglala Service Center in Oglala, SD
  • Common Cents in Sharps Corner, SD
  • Angel’s Store in Kyle, SD
  • Wanblee Mart in Wanblee, SD
  • Senior Citizens Center in Parmelee, SD
  • Lakota Federal Credit Union in Kyle, SD

Credit Cards:
Lacreek Electric accepts Discover, Visa or MasterCard either in person, by phone at 855-385-9980 or here on our website. You can go to the top right corner and either click "Pay Online" to quickly run your card, or you can click Account Login and create an account which will notify you when things like a missed payment happen or when your bill is ready to view. 
Automatic Payments:
Sign up for the auto payment plan and your electric bill will be paid automatically on the 3rd or 20th of each month.

You will receive a statement showing the amount charged and your usage. Fill out the ACH Authorization Form and return it to the office OR click Account Login at the top right corner here on our website to create an account to set up and monitor all your accounts activity and set up your Automatic Payments via CC or ACH.

ACH Authorization Form

Payment Due Dates:
Statements are mailed out on the first of the month. Payment is due by the 20th of each month. A $12.50 late charge is applied to the bill if not paid by the 20th. Service is subject to disconnect if payment has not been received within ten days after the 20th. Any unpaid balance over $100 going into the next month's billing will be charged 1.5% interest. 



Requires a $50 deposit and a $50 beginning balance to establish a prepaid account. Once you have created a Prepaid Metering account, you may purchase electricity at any time in payments of at least $10. Electricity must be purchased via the internet, "SmartHub" or the automated telephone service 24 hours a day or during normal business hours at Lacreek Electric's front office.

For more information on Prepaid Billing, contact the office at 605-685-6581.

Prepaid Billing Application 

Winter months can stretch many a pocketbook when it comes to paying utility bills. If the winter months find you strapped for cash, Lacreek Electric’s budget billing program might help.  If you enter into a budget billing payment plan, Lacreek Electric will average your kilowatt-hours for a 12 month period, along with dollars to pay for those kilowatt-hours.

An average payment amount is established and that is the payment you make every month. To get started, your bill must be paid in full. Sign up for the budget billing plan is made from May through July. If you are interested, please call our Billing Department, at 605-685-6581. 


Member Authorization Form